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When Most Banks Say NO...We say YES!
"Bankable Terms for Un-Bankable Borrowers"


Capital Loan Brokers, LLC (CLB) is home based in Omaha, Nebraska, and a nationwide conforming and non-conforming intermediary for a $2.2 billion dollar, FDIC-Insured National Bank along with multiple fintech financial institutions. The firm offers Equipment Financing, Mortgages secured by Commercial and Investment Residential Real Estate, Collateralized and Uncollateralized Business Loans from $5K to $5M in all 50 states.

We Provide Loan Programs that are Designed to Assist Equipment & Business Brokers, Commercial Realtors & Property Managers Increase Their Sales (and most likely their profit margins) by Partnering With Our CLB team!

Our fintech-enabled platform delivers a streamlined loan process that allows us to also provide “Unsecured Working Capital with Same Day Funding” for most small , midsize and large businesses.  Our company is committed to providing excellent service and innovative, affordable financing in all 50 states.

CLB provides distinct  loan programs for Brokers and Realtors
that will most effectively enhance relationships with their business owners and property investors. Our focus is always that of providing affordable loan funding for both their conforming borrowers and those who may have been shut-out of conforming financing! Most often “Same Day Funding'' will be available for business owners!

CLB is NOW providing Subprime SBA Loan Programs! ...
(Our Non-conforming SBA programs now provides affordable options for business owners who have been unable to receive conforming SBA or bank financing!) These inovative programs offers business loans (with or without hard collaterial) from $30,000 to $20 million and includes all the benefits of conforming SBA financing with more flexable terms!" We can issue loan approvals upon receipt of completed application in days, not weeks or months most like most lenders.

We also have select members of our team that concentrate on “Unsecured Working Capital” that can be approved and funded the same day. These loans are specifically for small and midsize businesses that need up to $25K operating capital for any reason.

The firm’s primary loan offerings are equipment financing, commercial real estate mortgages, investment residential real estate mortgages, Small Business Administration (SBA) 7(a) loans, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) loans, and collateralized and uncollateralized business loans.



"Equipment Financing ~ Made Simple"

"Equipment Financing Made Simple by setting ourselves apart through in-depth industry knowledge, customized, integrated technology and a sense of urgency!" ... I work specifically with Equipment Brokers and increase their sales (and most likely their margins) when they partner with me!

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"Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Loans"

Our lending expertise with Commercial Real Estates Agents, Business Brokers and their developers, owners and investors maintains effective and excellent project completion! ... We represent a $2.2 billion FDIC approved financial institution with experience funding complex commercial loan structures via flexible and creative short and long-term solutions in all 50 states plus DC. ~

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"We Provide Working Capital with Same Day Funding!"

We provide small and midsize businesses "Same Day" working capital up to $25K for most any type of business! NO Credit Requirments!

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Subprime SBA Loan Program

NOW a non-conforming SBA program provides an affordable option for business owners unable to receive conforming SBA or bank financing.

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Thank you for contacting Capital Loan Brokers, “Home of "Bankable Loans for Un-Bankable Borrowers" We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you! Duane Henneman, CEO & Paula Henneman, CFO Capital Loan Broker's Management Team